The pedagogical methods include Lectures, case studies, assignments, presentations and field works.

Managerial Skill Development (MSD)

MSD aims to develop EIC Analysis (Economy, Industry and Company), People Skills and Employability Skills among the management students. The students will undergo training in three components in the First & Second Semester and two components in Third Semester of the programme. Hundred marks will be awarded each semester for MSD, which will be reflected in the Marks Sheet, but will not be counted for an overall pass in the programme.

MSD– First and Second Semester

   EIC Analysis: Enables the students to read and analyse the business news so as evaluate their impact on Economy, Industry and Company. They will maintain a business diary updating the current business news (10 marks). They will also pay visits to a nearby business organisation and maintain records thereon, which is termed as Berchmans Industry Immersion Programme (BIIP) (10 marks). Weekly sessions on News analysis and Industry and Company analysis (30 marks)

   Corporate Skills: The course will develop the people skills of the students. (30 marks)

    Stress Management: Prepares the students for the integration of their physical, mental     and psychological faculties so that they become healthier, saner and more integrated members in the corporate world and the society at large. They learn Yoga theory and practice (20 marks)

MSD – Third Semester

    Employability Skills : This Programme enables the students to excel in the recruitment process through Resume preparations, aptitude tests, GD and personal interview.(50 marks)

    Campus to Corporate :Enables the students to face the transition from campus to corporate and to take up the challenges and responsibilities in the workplace. (50 marks)

Berchmans Industry Interface (BII):

To cope with the current requirements of the Industry, BIMS incorporated an Industry Institute Interface Program (BII) to equip the students with practical and applicable knowledge is of great value. The goal of BII is to enhance a passion for the subject and to prepare students to be employable with the required skills and knowledge. BII focuses on providing “Ready to Employ” business graduates to the market. This is a certificate program  to add value to the MBA Degree. As a part of Industrial Institutional Interface the institute has started Certification Courses in the following areas:
O Finance (Insurance, Banking, Derivatives &Risk Management, and IFRS)
O Marketing (Retail Management, Advertising, Sales& Distribution)
O Human Resource (HR Accounting, Payroll Management, Employee Counselling)
O Operations Management (Logistics & Supply Chain Management, ISO 9000)
All students in the Third Semester undergo any one of above mentioned courses alongside with their curriculum.

Berchmans Industry Immersion Programme-BIIP

The thrust of the programme is to mould  students to cater to the ever changing needs of the industry. This industry immersion programme is aimed at increasing the employability of a candidate and developing career specific skills in them. The programme is designed to integrate theoretical knowledge with the practical skills in collaboration with the industry.

Bridge Course

Bridge Course is an in- house training programme conducted by the faculty of BIMS. This course aims to provide theoretical foundation on various management subjects before the start of regular sessions

Induction Programme

A week long programme aims to empower the students to feel the pulse of the MBA Programme. Students embark on new vistas in different skill development programmes like career counselling, SWOT Analysis, stress management, leadership skills, a linkage between industry and academics. This programme enables them to empower themselves to compete in the race of excellence in the modern corporate scenario!


Students  are divided into groups under different mentors (Faculty of BIMS). The students discuss their problems and get guidance from their mentors. The objective of this mentoring program is to help the students to shed their inhibitions, redress their grievances if any, and also to improve their overall performance in both scholastic and non-scholastic fields. Students are required to fill up the prescribed form and submit  to the mentor during the meetings.

Career Counselling

The aptitude of the students will be analyzed by the counsellors and guidance will be given to the students to choose their specialization in MBA. The career counselling is  given in the third semester, based on the 16PF Scale.

In House Workshop Training Programme

NLP, EXCEL, SPSS, Creativity, Outbound Training are programs that provide inputs to fill knowledge gaps and emphasize on expanding the knowledge horizons of participants. Interactions with experienced Faculty and fellow participants provide new insights  which help for better quality decision making.